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5 May 2021




The Government has announced that students on all university courses in England will return to campus “no earlier than 17 May” when returning students will be offered blended learning - a mix of online classes with in person teaching.

Only some practical courses have been able to offer face-to-face teaching since the start of the year, whilst about a million business, law, humanities and arts students have been taught online.

Many universities will have already finished their teaching year by 17th May, prompting Professor Graham Galbraith to say it “isn't good enough." The vice chancellor of the University of Portsmouth was quoted by the BBC as saying: “Students can now buy a book on British history in Waterstones and discuss it with a tattoo artist," - but they cannot go into a university and discuss it with their lecturer.”

The date coincides with phase three of the Government’s “roadmap” to end the lockdown - when cinemas can open and bars can serve indoors. As part of their return, students will be offered on-campus covid testing and asked to take lateral flow tests at home.

The universities minister has announced that there will be an extra £15m for student hardship support this year. If you are struggling, please check out Lancaster University or Support Funds at University of Cumbria (UoC Lancaster campus).




If you are struggling, please check out:

(Lancaster University)


Support Funds | University of Cumbria (UoC Lancaster campus).


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