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5 June 2013




Lancaster city centre

PURPOSE built student accommodation is marketed as the latest trend in university digs, but whilst privately managed halls can prove to be the perfect extension of the womb provided by on campus halls of residence, some undergraduates feel that you haven’t really been born until you take steps towards more independent living.

Whatever your position may be, UCAS figures indicate that spiralling tuition fees have led to a decrease of English university applicants by 7% (compared to 2010) so those who do take the plunge into higher education are faced with more choice when it comes to renting student property. This factor, combined with improved housing legislation, means that landlords offering shared student houses have had to seriously up their game to compete with purpose built accommodation.

Kevin Seacy of Lancaster student housing agency Let Students commented: “Back in 1994 when we began letting student accommodation there was a need to improve standards in Lancaster and whilst we have continually updated and maintained the properties we manage we are always looking out for the next possible enhancement”

With this in mind, students really have to study their options when it comes to considering where to live; for example, like on-campus accommodation, Lancaster’s plush new ‘CityBlock’ development offers a weekly cleaning service and all-inclusive rooms from £99.91 per week (over 50 weeks), but for those who want to cut the apron strings as well as the cost, Let Students provide quality all-inclusive rooms all over the city from as little as £60 (and you could really clean up with an annual saving of £2235.50).

Many shared accommodation providers will be happy to show you around more than one place at a time, so if you are a Lancaster University or University of Cumbria student who has to move on from campus residence, don’t cradle your head in your hands - looking to rent a room needn't be daunting; just think about what you need, book viewings at both purpose buildings and shared houses and ask the people showing you around questions about your potential home – don’t be shy – check that the lights work and that the taps have hot water! But most of all, don’t throw your rattle out of the pram, there is something for everyone and when you find the right tenancy you’ll be sleeping like a baby.




For further information contact:
Graham Seacy, Let Students
Tel: +44(0)7500 444 700


Let Students;
Let Students are a property management and lettings agency offering shared student accommodation in Lancaster. All figures are based on the 2013-14 academic year and are current as of 5th June 2013.

UCAS are the organisation responsible for managing applications to higher education courses in the UK. These statistical release figures relate to applicants residing in England who have met the 15 October 2012 UCAS deadline for the 2013-14 academic year.

CityBlock Holdings Limited acts as a holding company for CityBlock Lettings Limited who let student residences and commercial property.


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